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Now I request all the readers to assume the role of the great sage. That means, since you know the relevant facts about Dhananjay, you presume as if you were the sage

with divine vision to see, and record on palm leaf many, many years ago.

Now you will realise that if the fate of Dhananjay's wife was to become widow within 15 days of her marriage, she had to get married to a person like Dhananjay who is destined to die within a very short span of time. Now Maharishi that is presently you, have two options for Dhananjay 1) Not to write predictions (Simply telling, 'Leaf is not found or available) as

his lifespan is very short. Also telling him the 'truth' about his sudden death may make him terribly mentally upset. 2) To write palm leaf in such a forceful way that Dhananjay has no option but to get urgently married. It has to be with the same girl who is fated to be widow in 2 weeks time.


Navagrahas occupy a unique niche in Naadi Predictions as well as Bharatn Hindu pantheon: They are neither part of Brahma-Vishnu-Shiva triumvirate nor major deities like Saraswati-Lakshmi-Parvati or other such figures like Kartikeya-Hanuman-Ganapati-Ayyappa.

Many Maharishis divine predictions on palm leaves including Augystia-Vasishtha-Kaushik(Viswamitra)-Kak Bhujanda-Shukra-Bhrigu-& many more while explaining predictions seeker facing difficult times must mitigate suffering via certain remedial measures such as 'pujas' & chanting mantras at specific 'Navagrahas temples/shrines visited accordingly per directions gained from Naadi Palm leaf under guidance Naadi readers who provide enough guidance for needy people.

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