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Timeless Mngt Tech - Shivaji Maharaj (E Book 136)

Shivaji Maharaj's management techniques are not written in the management Books of Westerners. But had practical aspects. 

Noble viewpoint for farmers, Brahamins, Saints, sages, Temples, pilgrimages protection. 

Instructions for Farmers about trees and farmland. 

Not to cut any tree with purpose.  ‘Rayat (Janata) is happy and Raja is happy’

Strict Instructions for Troops: Not to touch or torcher Women and children. 

 Letter of instructions raids are anticipated:

- Shivaji has given instructions to Sarjerao Jedhe. Not to delay even a moment for the protection of the rayat. It is reported that enemy troops are on the run. You in the village take all the people to a safe hideout. 

For this work for day and night. Go to every village and pass on the message without delay. The protection of women and children is your personal responsibility.

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