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Night ¾ February 1670, Friday (Saka 1591 Soumya Sanvatsar Magh Vadya Navami) Narveer Tanaji Malusare with his younger brother Suryaji Malusare with about 500 Mavlas reach the base of Sinhgad in the evening. This presentation is based on the actions that followed.

The aim is not to point out mistakes in the operation executed by Tanaji

The aim of this study is to visualize how military officers in our times if given orders, would plan and execute this mission by applying modern principles of warfare, keeping in mind the limitations obtained in those days.

The aim is to highlight the process of appreciating the situation on the battlefield from different angles, planning, and preparation for the operation, and also to underline the need to modify operational plans during battle if the situation so demands. 

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