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Some people enter into one's life and create an imprint of their personality forever. One such person in my life was Corporal Gouri Shankar Pandey.  

Men like GS Pandey are genius, and they are above all expectations. 

Shaking his head in disgust he uttered, ‘Sir, do we need to have only blood relations to go for Bhuj disaster rescue? Who so ever, everyone, shattered and weathered humans, are they not ours? Who will look after them? For them there is no Air Force to help. If I do not reach them now, what is the use of my living? I will go for them, make my body and soul available. Which way, I don’t know. But someone's need me there. I cannot sit tight and work in these sedentary duties. Call of hour is great to everyone. Well to me, it is a life and death situation. I want to go at any cost’. 

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