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I was utterly flabbergasted when the Agastya Naadi

reader read out my name as Adwayanand from the old palm

leaf at the Agastya Naadi Centre at Tambaram, Chennai on

16th December 1998. I was equally flabbergasted to find that

the old palm leaves also contained the names of my father,

my mother and my wife. The Naadi also had recorded my educational qualification, my profession and many other facts of my life including the time of my birth i.e. the planetary and stellar positions in the heaven under

which I was born. In other words, my horoscope was cast long before I was

born and correctly. The Naadi also said that I was sixty-seven years of age at the time when I was consulting my Naadi, which was correct, and that I was consulting the Naadi, not out of any desire to know my future, as others do,

The Naadi also said that a person by the name ‘Shashikant’ was present with me at the time which again was true. (Wing Commander Shashikant Oak of Pune was present. there at the time) This was an experience of a kind of miracle that can put any rational man out of his mind, and it is exactly the reason why many rationalists and scientists, who do not have first-hand experience of Naadi, call it a fraud.

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